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Precision Engineering

Mould & Die Steel:
Kim Ann carries a comprehensive range of mould & die steels ranging from cold work tool steels, hot work tool steels, plastic mould steels, high speed tool steels, powder metallurgy tool steels, and high strength beryllium copper alloys to high strength aluminium alloys.

We serve various manufacturing activities like metal stamping, plastic & MIM injection, blow & PET moulding, die casting, jigs & fixtures, tooling & fixtures for aerospace, semiconductor equipment, machine tools, and medical devices.

Engineering Steel:

We are also a key special steel supplier to industries dealing with machine tools, marine, medical, aerospace, offshore, oil & gas, military, and general engineering.

Our inventory holds a wide range of alloy steels which includes high tensile steels, case hardening steels, carbon steels, wear resistant steels, full range of stainless steel families and high nickel or super alloys. Every grade has its own unique material properties and characteristics in order to cater to various applications.

Oil & Gas

Representing major and reputable forge masters in Europe, Kim Ann provides bars, forged products and rolled ring forgings.

All our products meet the API standard required in the Oil & Gas and Marine & Offshore industries. We also have a professionally trained Technical Service team to work with you to customise products to your specific requirements.


We carry stock of non-ferrous strips such as copper, brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, nickel silver, pure nickel, and other high nickel alloys.

Our major customers are industries dealing with telecommunication, consumer products, electrical components, disk drive components, and automotive.

Other material supplied in strips include stainless steels, aluminium, pre-plated copper alloys, and bimetal dual gauges. Specialty metal wires are available upon request.

Aerospace & Defense

Kim Ann is the leading distributor in the Asia Pacific region that offers warehousing for aerospace metals. We maintain an extensive inventory and sourcing network of aircraft alloys such as titanium, aluminium, copper, ferrous alloys, as well as nickel-based alloys.

Our products are mostly of VAR or VIM-VAR quality and conform to AMS, MIL and QQ standards, and not limited to British or European standards. Our inventory is entirely heat segregated to meet stringent requirements of the aviation industry.