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As a Total Service Centre, Kim Ann provides value-added services that cater to your raw material requirements, enabling your raw material to be close to “net shape” and ready for production. This includes cutting, sizing, machining, and heat treatment.

Heat Treatment

  • Vacuum furnaces with oil and gas quench capabilities
  • Carburizing furnace with controlled atmosphere and carbon potential measurement, for carburizing and carbo-nitriding processes.
  • Plasma nitriding furnace for plasma nitriding, nitro-carburizing, and post oxidation.
  • Atmospheric gas furnace with polymer and water quench capabilities.
  • Atmospheric tempering furnaces.
  • Microscope for microstructure analysis
  • Hardness tester – Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers Micro Hardness

Sizing & Machining

  • Sizing – Cutting & Sawing
  • Machining – Blanking, Milling, Grinding

Slitting, TRW & Polycoil Facilities

Our strip and wire products can be further processed via our in-house slitting machines, and traverse winding (TRW) and polycoil facilities.

Warehouse & Logistics Services

Kim Ann has four warehouses and processing facilities in Singapore’s Jurong Industrial Estate with comprehensive stock ranges. We provide JIT and Kanban logistics services to support our customers’ continuous production while preventing all interruptions.

Supply Chain Management

We offer total material solutions to our clients by overseeing projects from source to delivery. Our company performs:

  • Procurement
  • Logistics
  • Material processing
  • Distribution