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We Lead Your Supply Chain

As one of the business sectors within Kim Ann, we offer aerospace specialty metals that are in accordance with aviation standards for requirements of OEM & MRO. Our extensive sourcing network allows us to meet the demanding needs of the aerospace industry. With inventory covering material grades such as copper, nickel, titanium , aluminium, stainless steel and engineering steel grades, the list is non exhaustive with our 20,000 tons centralized warehousing.

Being part of the supply chain, we harness our material inventory to support critical applications, such as landing gears’ components, to non critical applications, such as tooling needs, for mainly MRO sectors.

We pride ourselves in upholding quality by providing the right requirements in accordance to AS 9100, which is part of our accolade.

Soaring Greater Heights

Our Partnership Journey – Lebronze Alloys France

In February 2020, we had a joint exhibition with Lebronze Alloys France, at the Singapore Airshow 2020. Being a partner distributor to Lebronze, we are honoured to be actively distributing the following alloys under their portfolio.

  • Hardiall ® CuNiSn Alloy (UNS C72900)
  • Nickel Aluminium Bronze NC4, NCS (UNS C63000)
  • High Strength Copper Nickel Aluminium K7 (LN 9468, WL 2.1504-1), K5 (NFL 14702)
  • ARCAP AP1D (UNS C76390)

Should any of the above material grades are of interest to you, please email with your requirements to

Understanding Us

Our Inventory Material Grades and Specifications

As a specialist in our supply of material to the aviation sector for the requirements of OEM and MRO, we are willing to share our expertise and knowledge with our customers to better serve them and establish a continuous supply chain in the process. Hence please feel free to download our product brochures below to allow us to better understand your needs & expectations.

Our product brochures are available below for your download.

Kim Ann Aerospace Leaflet

Aluminium Nickel Bronze Infosheet

Material Specifications

Alloy Steels

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
A286 AMS 5731
AMS 5737
AISI E9310 AMS 6260
AMS 6265 (VAR)
AISI 8620 AMS 6274
AISI 4130 AMS 6345 (Normalized, Plate)
AMS 6346 (H&T, Bars)
AMS 6348 (Normalized – Bars)
AISI 4140 AMS 6382 (Annealed)
AISI 4330M AMS 6411
AISI 4340 AMS 6409 (Normalized & Tempered)
AMS 6414
AMS 6415
AISI 4340M (300M) AMS 6419
AISI E52100 AMS 6440
AMS 6444 (VAR)
AISI 135 Mod (Nitriding Steel) AMS 6471
H11 AMS 6487
Maraging 250
AMS 6512 (Bars)
AMS 6520 (Plate)
Maraging 300
AMS 6514 (Bars)
Maraging 350 AMS 6515
Material Grades – British Standardd (Nomenclature)
S82 S154
S99G 35CD4
S130D 35NCD16 (NCT10-123-11)

Stainless Steels & SuperAlloys

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
AISI 304/304L AMS 5639
AISI 347 AMS 5654
AISI 410 AMS 5613
AISI 440C AMS 5630
13-8PH / 13-8MO AMS 5629
17-4PH AMS 5643 (Bars)
AMS 5604 (Plates)
17-7PH AMS 5644 (Bars)
15-5PH AMS 5659 (Bars)
AMS 5862 (Plates)
Inconel 625 AMS 5666
Inconel 718 AMS 5662
AMS 5663
Cobalt L-605 AMS 5759
Cobalt Stellite 6B AMS 5894
Custom 450 AMS 5773
Custom 455 AMS 5617
Nitronic 50 (UNS S20910) AMS 5764
Nitronic 60 (UNS S21800) AMS 5848
MP35N AMS 5844
Monel K500 AMS 4676
INVAR 36 / NILO 36 MIL-S-16598
Corrosion-Resistant Steel QQ-S-763
Material Grades – French Standardd (Nomenclature)
Z15CN17-03 (NCT10-140-01MD) Z6CNU15-05
Z6CNU17.04 Z8CND17-04
Heat Treatment Conditions
  • H900
  • H1100
  • Annealed
  • Full Hard
  • H925
  • H1150
  • 1/4 Hard
  • Spring Hard
  • H1025
  • HH1150
  • 1/2 Hard
  • Spring Hard
  • H1075
  • H1150M
  • 3/4 Hard
  • Solution Heat Treated

Copper Alloys

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
UNS C63020 AMS 4590
UNS C63000 AMS 4640
UNS C63200 QQ-C-465
UNS C95510 AMS 4880
UNS C95520 AMS 4881
DTD 197A BS B23
CuZn19Al6 (UZ19A6) NCT10-631-11
CuAl11Ni5Fe5 (UA11N) NCT10-641-01

Beryllium-Free Copper Alloys

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
UNS C72900 AMS 4596 (Solid Bars)
AMS 4598 (Hollow Bars)

Beryllium Copper Alloys

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
UNS C17200 TF00 (AT) AMS 4533
AMS 4535
UNS C17200 TH04 AMS 4534

Aluminium Alloys

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
2014A T6 (L168 / L100) AMS 4029 (Plates)
2024 T351 / T4 AMS 4120
2618 / DTD 5014A AIR 9048
6061 T6 / T651 AMS 4117
7050 T-7451 AMS 4050 (Plate)
7050 , Extrusion AMS 4340
AMS 4342
7075 T-7351 AMS 4124
Extruded QQ-A-200
Rolled, Drawn QQ-A-225
Sheets & Plates QQ-A-250

Aluminium Profiles

Profiles Types
BAC 1501-100032 BAC 1506-2418
BAC 1505-101254

Titanium Alloys

Material Grade Common Specification Supplied
6Al-4V AMS 4928 (Bars)
AMS 4911 (Plates)
CP-Ti (Commercial Pure) AMS 4921

Supply Forms

  • Round
  • Square
  • Hollow
  • Tube
  • Profile Section
  • Strip (Coils) / Sheet / Plate
  • Forging (Close & Open Die / Casting)
  • Customised Cut Length or Rough Machined